Writing By Catie, Part 1

(Yeah, I’m definitely getting worse at thumbnails)

HI there Razzberries! It’s Catie

So on Monday, I asked “would you rather have a Creative Writing thing, or Part Two of my blogging series?” and since I didn’t get any votes for the series, I guess Creative Writing won!

I’m kinda scared. I don’t really like sharing my writing. 

I’ll be sharing a story I’ve been writing. There is mention of murder, just as a warning.

PLEASE DON’T STEAL MY CHARACTERS, PLOT, WRITING or anything else. I worked hard on this.

HATE COMMENTS will be laughed at, and trashed. You will be blocked from my site. ❤

Off we go!


(There is a very high chance I’ll delete this post tomorrow)

Here’s the first few paragraphs:

I, Tootsie Scotts, usually loved Saturdays; no school, sleepovers, sleeping in, and, it’s great for business. It seems like weekends invite all kinds of trouble, like stolen pets, anonymous love letters, and every once and a while, a murder.

That’s exactly what happened.

That day, I had slept in, lounged around, and solved one locker break-in and two unsigned declarations of love. Afterwards, my two closest “friends” came over. I used friends loosely because it’s more “people who tolerate my strange obsession with solving crime” among other things.

I didn’t put much, because I don’t wanna embarrass myself more with my writing.

Here’s an explanation for that story:

It’s Saturday morning, when Tootsie gets a package with something in it, and a note saying “Figure it out or you’re next”. With the help of over dramatic Brit, shy Griffin, and stage manager Kasi, what will happen on opening night?

The story does have a highschool setting (10th grade, so all of them are 15-16 years old). It’s focused on the school’s drama department, that’s why It says opening night.

The Characters:


Tootsie’s name is a nickname from Brit, because of Tootsie’s habit to crave Tootsie rolls whenever they experience strong emotions. 

Tootsie has been running their Mystery solving business, Scotts’ Detective Agency, ever since 6th grade. They have solved 75 of their 76 cases. Well, according to Brit, 74.

Tootsie has long dark hair, and big brown eyes. They almost always wear their favorite red hoodie, with a front pocket to carry a notebook, magnifying glass, and tootsie rolls.


Brit is very dramatic, but because of her stagefright, she has settled to be the assistant director instead of acting.

Brit has shoulder length brown hair, and has dyed the ends a different color each year. This year is lavender. Her eyes are hazel.

She was one of Tootsie’s first cases, when Brit started receiving anonymous love letters in 6th grade. Somehow, Tootsie still hasn’t been able to figure out who sent them. 5 years later, they’re still coming, once a week. Also, they’re all in french. Weird.

She and Tootsie have been friends since 2nd grade.


Griffin is the shy one. Doesn’t like the gore, but loves helping with Tootsie’s projects.

Multilingual, knowing many languages, and being fluent in french and english.

Griffin has sandy blond hair, with green eyes and wire rimmed glasses. 

He and Tootsie have been friends since 6th grade, around the same time Brit started receiving love letters. Coincidence? Probably.


Twin sister of Cassia. Kasi is the stage manager, helping the trio figure out their mystery. Takes her job very seriously.

Kasi has coppery pixie cut hair, amber colored eyes, and freckles.


The twin sister of Kasi. Yeah, their parents were very creative with names.

The 2nd, now best actor in the drama club.

Absolutely hates Tootsie. Maybe it’s because they were besties in elementary school. Maybe some else…

Looks almost exactly like Kasi, but her hair is a little past her shoulders, and it’s wavy.


Well, that’s it! I didn’t do much writing.

Do y’all want another part, with a different story? Maybe just the first chapter of this story?

Also, I don’t really have a title for this story, so if you have any ideas, comment them!

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13 thoughts on “Writing By Catie, Part 1

  1. COINCIDENCE? I THINK NOT!! I think it turned out great and I’d love to go on the story journey, I like how you described the characters, amber eyes are so pretty!!!! All of them are! Can’t wait for the story, love some mystery, crime and detective! I like it with a TOUCH of romance as well! Do you? There are a lot genres that I like to, what are some of yours? ANYWAY! I love this and I think you should really show us more of your writings, it’s gonna turn out great! I just know it, confidence!!!!! Tootsie is one of mah characters too! But it’s Tootsieday FOR THE LOVE OF TOOTSIE ROLLS, HECK YEAH! x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my razzy, that was a lot to read! Thank you so much, I just love it when you comment. Yeah, romance, mystery, and fantasy are my favorite genres! I don’t have a name yet, but we’ll get there! And yes, tootsie rolls are delicious!!!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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