Just Some Random Polls and Announcements

Hi Razzberries! (We’re Going with Razzberries) 

At the moment, I’m on vacation again. It was a really sudden thing, so that’s why I didn’t do a Pack With Me. And since I didn’t have time to plan, I don’t have any ideas for today’s post. So, I’m just going to tell you about some changes!


I just realized that my site still has me down as ‘Cate’ even though I go as ‘Catie’. I changed it, and I go by Catie now, but I’m so sorry for any confusion. I think that’s why people still call me ‘Cate’.

Second of all, I’m redecorating. So my button and logo will be this:

If we’ve swapped buttons DO NOT GO CHANGE IT YET

So this will be my button, BUT I would also like to put a quote of mine under the banner, and move the URL to the bottom. So, I need ideas for the quote. I’m thinking something from one of the “Weird Things I’ve Said” but if you know another quote of mine, comment! Also, comment your favorite “Weird Things” quote!

Also, I’m changing my sign-off! Here are the two options!

Comment which one you like better!

Next thing! If you follow Evin @ A Curly Sue’s Ramblings, (Which, you should. She’s amazing! She made my original sign-off) you would know that I’m a part of her blog tour! I’m so excited! You guys should totally go check out her and everyone else involved, and expect that post Thursday!

Finally, WE’RE AT 45 FOLLOWERS!!! ALMOST 50! So, I wanted to know what I should do for a 50 Follows Special. I don’t exactly want to do a Q&A, ‘cause I do a lot of those, but I would love to do a “Answering and Reacting to Your Assumptions” If y’all had any assumptions. Or, I could read my first post? It sucks though. If you have any other post ideas, comment them! Also, in two weeks, we’ll have fifty posts! Maybe I should do a 50/50 post?

And that’s all! I love doing ranty posts. : )


-Catie (I don’t have a sign-off)

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I’m the most wanted bachelorette, whether that’s because of my looks, wealth, or criminal record.”

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