2 Year Anniversary!

(It’s also my 70th post. What a coincidence!) Hi there Razzberries! Wow! Two years have gone by so fast! If you didn’t know, today is my 2 YEAR BLOGGING ANNIVERSARY!!!!! I started blogging, two years ago, on blogger. I switched to WordPress right before my birthday, in June. Technically, there was a year-long phase whereContinue reading “2 Year Anniversary!”

OCTOBER Favorites

HI there Razzberries! First of all, I’m quite sorry how late this came out. I was supposed to be the first post of the month, but then I had some “Technical Difficulties”. Off we go! ・⚘・⚘・⚘・ Clothing Pink and White Ombre Sweatshirt Winter is (too) close, so bundle up! Jewelry Pins Two of my ever-expandingContinue reading “OCTOBER Favorites”


HI THERE RAZZBERRIES! As you can see, I’m very excited for this post, ‘cause, it a  Weird Things I’ve Said/Done!  If you don’t know, I have this series where I write down weird things I do, then share them with y’all for some serotonin. You’re welcome. : ) Off we go! ・⚘・⚘・⚘・ “Woooo, that wasContinue reading “WEIRD THINGS I’VE SAID/DONE, PT 5”

How to Have a Socially-Distanced Birthday Party/VLOG

(I guess this counts as part two to my “How to Have a Zoom Sleepover”… kinda?) Hi there my Razzies! Last week, my IRL friendo, Sunshine, had a birthday.  Soooooooo, this is a half vlog/how to.  Off we go! ・⚘・⚘・⚘・ 1: the planning: This entire thing took about 2 weeks to plan, all over zoom.Continue reading “How to Have a Socially-Distanced Birthday Party/VLOG”

Things I Wear, A Lot

Hi there Razzberries! So, I was looking through my clothes, and realized how much my style has changed from before quarantine. Same for my music tastes, but that’s a post for another day. Anyways, all my clothes from February-ish are black/white/maroon, and now all my clothes are still black/white, but also red and pink. Like,Continue reading “Things I Wear, A Lot”

September Favorites

Hi there Razzberries! So, October. Wow. I don’t even know what I’m dressing up as. Any ideas? I’m getting off track. Sorry. Anyways, October. Meaning September Favorites! Off we go! ・⚘・⚘・⚘・ Clothing Jean Jacket I wear it everyday, not joking. Jewelry Crown earrings They’re just cool. : ) Accessory Doc. Martens I don’t know ifContinue reading “September Favorites”


Hi there Razzberries~ First, I wanted to say THANK YOU for all the support on my last post. I was really scared about that one, but y’all were really nice. I love you berries ❤ Second, I wanted to say sorry, since this isn’t really much of a post. I’ve been pretty stressed with school,Continue reading “A RANDOM CONVO I HAD, FEAT. MY IRL FRIENDS”

Writing By Catie, Part 1

(Yeah, I’m definitely getting worse at thumbnails) HI there Razzberries! It’s Catie So on Monday, I asked “would you rather have a Creative Writing thing, or Part Two of my blogging series?” and since I didn’t get any votes for the series, I guess Creative Writing won! I’m kinda scared. I don’t really like sharingContinue reading “Writing By Catie, Part 1”

Bucket List Part Two!

(I think I’m getting worse at Thumbnails) Hi there Razzberries! It’s Catie. So, who remembers that Bucket List I made at the beginning-ish of summer? If you don’t, go read it here!  Anyways, I wanted to go over that and see what I achieved, and what I failed. Off we go! ・⚘・⚘・⚘・ – Try aContinue reading “Bucket List Part Two!”

The First Day(s) of School!

Hi there Razzberries!  So, School started last Tuesday. And since I’m super “original”, I wanted to do a Back To School Vlog/GRWM! A Get Ready W/ Me has been on the list of posts to do for so long so I decided to add it in here!  So, off we go! ・⚘・⚘・⚘・ 14 hours before/7Continue reading “The First Day(s) of School!”