HEY MY DUDES! I know I haven’t updated on a Wednesday since forever, but I had a bunch of announcements I didn’t want going into tomorrow’s post. So, here they are: ☏ I GOT BRACES. This is my second time, the first being about a year ago. They were only on the bottom, and nowContinue reading “A RANDOM, UNPLANNED UPDATE”


HEY MY DUDES! A whole lotta life updates (and TWO special announcements at the end!) : ☏ I have ten followers!! That means there are TEN people who maybe care about what I write ☏ My. Birthday. Is. In. THREE DAYS ☏ I just realized how much pink I have in my life. I haveContinue reading “FAVORITE ACCESSORIES/ANNOUNCEMENTS”

Weird Things I Have Said/Done (Quarantine Edition) *Part Two*

Wow, already making another? That’s a record. Hello human beings of the planet earth! What’s up? It’s Cate, the one and only person who would make a blog post about the weird things I do in quarantine. Here we go (again). If you’re new here, I’ll explain. For about three weeks now, I’ve been writingContinue reading “Weird Things I Have Said/Done (Quarantine Edition) *Part Two*”

Legends of Tomorrow Premiere!!!!

What’s up my quarantined peeps! So far I’ve done season 6 of The Flash, season 5 of Supergirl, And now, Legends of Tomorrow.Legends is probably my favorite, hands down. It’s one of the last ones I watched, and I also can’t remember what’s happened in the last two seasons, so hopefully, this will jog my memory. Let’sContinue reading “Legends of Tomorrow Premiere!!!!”


You think this is to extravagant? WELCOME TO (Falsettoland) MY 1000 VIEWS SPECIAL POST, GET TO KNOW ME!  After watching a few Q & A Videos (Thank you, Addison Nicole and Erika Diane) and a lot of googling, I have come up with (about?) fifteen questions so you can get to know me better. LET’S GO!Continue reading “ABOUT ME/GET TO KNOW ME (1000 VIEWS SPECIAL)”