Birthday Wishlist/Gift Guide!

(1 year on WordPress as of yesterday! That’s so cool!) Hiya! It’s been a while! Guess what! It’s June, my dudes. Which means… MY BIRTHDAY!! Today, June 12th, is 16 days from my birthday, June 28th. So, time to break out the birthday posts! First of the thrilling saga is the classic, Wishlist. This isContinue reading “Birthday Wishlist/Gift Guide!”

Attempting To Figure Out My Aesthetic, With Help From A Friend.

(This was really freaking chaotic) Hiya! Sooooooooooooooooo *It took me 20 minutes to figure out an intro* I’ve been wanting to do some form of “figuring out my aesthetic”  post for a while now, and I finally got the opportunity to do it.  Did this go the way I planned it to? Absolutely not. DoContinue reading “Attempting To Figure Out My Aesthetic, With Help From A Friend.”

Things I Wanna Do After Quarantine (Featuring The T&C Peeps) [Might Delete Later]

(Sorry this post is a disaster. I’m tired, and it takes too much energy to focus and be serious. So, you get slightly delirious Catey.) Hiya hiya. Yes, it’s a bit late for me. Like, after 6 P.M. Am I still posting? Yes, because i haven’t been able to all week, cause life. Soooooooooooooo… I’mContinue reading “Things I Wanna Do After Quarantine (Featuring The T&C Peeps) [Might Delete Later]”

An Update On My La Croix Collection

(Quick post today-I have some big things planned for the next few weeks.) Y’all!!!!! I’ll get right into it-  There’s 3 (three, tres, trois) new flavors of La Croix. (The Website) The new flavors are Beach Plum, Guava São Paulo, and Black Razzberry. I think I’m most excited for the Black Razzberry (the can looksContinue reading “An Update On My La Croix Collection”

My Skincare Routine

Howdy Howdy! Recently, I’ve been thinking about self-care- for me, that’s washing my face, painting my nails, watering my plants, and playing a bit of Animal Crossing. I think, especially during a pandemic, we need to be more aware of public health, as well as our own mental state and being. Wow, that first paragraphContinue reading “My Skincare Routine”

Frenchy Stuff, W/Catey

Salut, mes framboises. If you haven’t already figured it out, that’s french. : ) For those who don’t know, this is probably my third (fourth??) time attempting to learn and practice french. The first couple of attempts were mostly unsuccessful, my second to last try was pretty okay, but it hasn’t been until now thatContinue reading “Frenchy Stuff, W/Catey”

Weird Things I’ve Said/Done Pt. 7!

[Part 7? already? Wowza. Also, sorry this is such a mess : )] Hi, hello, howdy. (You all have NO IDEA how long I’ve been delaying this post.) Welcome back to “Weird Things I’ve Said/Done!” I share the embarrassing things I’ve said, and you all laugh at my pain. : ).  Off we go! ・⚘・⚘・⚘・Continue reading “Weird Things I’ve Said/Done Pt. 7!”

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