My Skincare Routine

Howdy Howdy!

Recently, I’ve been thinking about self-care- for me, that’s washing my face, painting my nails, watering my plants, and playing a bit of Animal Crossing. I think, especially during a pandemic, we need to be more aware of public health, as well as our own mental state and being.

Wow, that first paragraph is really fancy.

So, I’ll be sharing what I use for skincare!

Off we go!

[Little disclaimer: these items can be a bit more on the expensive side, so I’d recommend them as birthday or holiday presents. I do think that they’re 100% worth it, but there are alternatives that contain the same formulas, and sell for less, if you want that. : )]


All of these products are from Farmacy Beauty [Not sponsored!] Before, I was using the CeraVe Cleanser and Lotion, which I think works pretty well.

My favorite things about these ones are the packaging, which is so cute, and the scent. All of these are from the Green (Moringa and Papaya) collection, I believe.

The first thing I use is the Whipped Greens Cleanser. I adore this, so much.

As I’ve said, I adore the color palette and aesthetic.

You get your face wet, preferably with warm water, rub this in, and wipe it off.

Next up is the Deep Sweep Toner

Like the CeraVe Lotion, this contains salicylic  acid, which helps with pimples and healing.

I use cotton rounds to dab this around my face.

Finally, we have the Daily Greens Moisturizer

The color of all of these is a green-mint, which you can really see with this one.

This one goes on after the other two, and stays on.

I wash my face at night, so I just sleep with it.


And here are some extra photos!


That’s all! What did you think? What do you use to wash your face? Please talk to me, I want attention.

Also, if you all have any post ideas (series, collabs, etc) feel free to comment or leave a message in my contact form! Those also make me happy.

Stay cool, stay safe, and be nice to yourself. 

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4 thoughts on “My Skincare Routine

  1. Loved getting to hear about your skin care routine and the aesthetic colors of your face cleansers are beautiful!! YEESS!
    I use ChicRepublic Charcoal face wash and a little bit of a acne salve to treat any small breakouts. I got them from Amazon and they both work amazing!
    -kaelyn 😛

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