Weird Things I’ve Said/Done Pt. 7!

[Part 7? already? Wowza. Also, sorry this is such a mess : )]

Hi, hello, howdy.

(You all have NO IDEA how long I’ve been delaying this post.)

Welcome back to “Weird Things I’ve Said/Done!” I share the embarrassing things I’ve said, and you all laugh at my pain. : ). 

Off we go!


  • Animalcrossinganimalcrossinganimalcrossinganimalcrosing

I like Animal Crossing. : )

  • “Summery, with a ting of murder.”

Writing is fun. 

  • *weird circular dance movements*

Secret forms of communication. 

  • *me, over here, working though my plan of world domination, while my friends go stir crazy*
  • *Turing back and forth in the middle of a dark street, on a breezy night*






I-i don’t even know any more.

  • Ples don’t make fun of me and my comma babies.

I, might, possibly, by coincidence, use, a multitude of, an amount, that, could be defined, as too many, commas. 

  • “I need some baked goods or I am going to screammmmmmmm”
  • Worst case scenario- I develop super powers
  • “Did you hear about the great blogger Pinterest epidemic of 2021?”

Did you?

  • “Of course I’m fighting crime in the dead of night. Why else do you think my sleep schedule is messed up?”
  • “I’m waving! Or maybe these are jazz hands”
  • The raw, unfiltered swiftie vibes kasi gives me are just 

I m a c u l a t e

Kasi Clark, my dearest.

  • Beware- I have braces
  • “Catey taxi services- I’ve never lied to anyone!”
  • “It’s sky cat- cat of the sky.”


  • Forcing myself to listen to all of Katy Perry’s albums and giving myself a headache

It’s for the novel I swear.

  • “I’m a life coach- gimme your iPad.”
  • Making *another* plastic crown

Even worse, I did this for a school project. I got a B.

  • *sticks out leg* “Leg”

Tis, in fact, a leg. 

  • “Hi, hello, howdy. My name is Catey, and you’re watching the Disney channel.”

The things I say on camera are quite hilarious.

  • Absolutely failed macarons

Basically, the macarons might have had Salmonella, Alcohol Poisoning, and Lead Poisoning.

  • “Botany, baby”


Aaaand that’s it!!

What are your favorites?

Have you said weird things?(you probably have) If so, what?


Okie dokie! Have fun, stay safe, drink your La Croix.

Weird Things I’ve Said/Done Parts 1-6!







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I’m the most wanted bachelorette, whether that’s because of my looks, wealth, or criminal record.”

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