Let’s Talk About Animal Crossing, Shall We?

Hi there!

Today, we’re talking about Animal Crossing!

I absolutely adore Animal Crossing. I play the mobile version, Pocket Camp *tear* but I still really enjoy it!

For those of you who don’t know what Animal Crossing is, it’s a little game where you interact with animals, make friends, gather materials, and make a pretty village/island/campsite. That’s the basics of it.

I use it as a stress reliever, since it’s quite good at helping with anxiety. I try to get in about ten minutes whenever I can, since doing tasks, gathering, and checking in on everything takes about that much time. : ).

So, let’s get into it!


So, the first thing I do when I log in, usually, is check in with my Campers. I have the people at my campsite, and then I have the people at my Cabin.

When checking in, there’ll be options for your conversations. With Bluebear (pictured above) I can ask her to tell me a story, change her outfit, give her a snack, or talk later. It’s mostly the same, for all the other Campers.

(My Campsite)

(A few of my Cabineers)

Afterwards, I tend to visitors- visitors visit the other islands, Breezy Hollow, Saltwater Shores, Sunburst Island, and Lost Lure Creek. They ask for items and such, like fruits, bugs, or fish. In return, they give you materials, that can be used for crafting furniture and clothes.

If I don’t have a certain item they request, I go and find it, at the previously mentioned islands.

Then I deliver the items to them.

You can craft furniture and clothes to decorate and customize, but sometimes, you’ll need a certain item to invite a visitor, so they’ll become one of your campers.

You can also plant a garden! This is probably one of my favorite things to do.

There are also tasks to complete, like “Find a certain item” or “Do something a certain amount of times”. 

Events happen monthly- as far as I’ve seen, there’s Bug & Flower events, Fishing events, and Gyrodite events. 

During these times, you can get bugs, fish, flowers, gyrodites, furniture, and clothes that you can’t get any other time. There’s monthly themes, which affect the styles of the items.

This month’s theme has been Sprigs-of-Spring, so we had flower tasks, and a Shamrock fishing tourney.



And that’s it! I probably forgot a lot. Ooops!

Well, what do you think? Did I convince you to play Animal Crossing? Again, the Mobile Version is Called “Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp”. If I did, feel free to send me a message, if you wanna be friends!

Also! 100 followers! I’m still taking questions, and if you want a blogger shoutout, contact me! You just need to summarize the blog you want spotlighted, the author of the blog, and the URL. If you want, you can spotlight someone else’s blog, if you think they deserve it! It’s a great opportunity to get more traffic, and to meet new people!

Stay cool, and stay safe. Play Animal Crossing. : )

Also!! If you’re still here, read this editorial on Animal Crossing! It’s really cool! https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/17/learning/how-animal-crossing-will-save-gen-z.html

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8 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Animal Crossing, Shall We?

  1. I haven’t ever played Animal Crossing but it looks really fun!! Is the mobile app free for download? 😀 And your avatar is so cute!
    Awesome post, Catey!
    -kaelyn 😛

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