Look at that! Two updates, in a month! *applause* Wowo.

Anyways, guess what I have for y’all- that’s right, part 6 of “Weird Things I’ve Said/Done”! I started this series way back in July 2020 (don’t fact check that) and now we’re here!

So, off we go!


  • “Really rocking the rabbit aesthetic.”

This won’t make sense without context. Too bad you’re not getting any.

  • “You underestimate my insomnia”

My sleep schedule is permanently screwed.

  • “You only live once” *takes a bite of my tortilla and tortilla chip sandwich*
  • “Terrifying bringer of tentacle death”

Fun fact, I am absolutely terrified of octopi. TERRIFIED.

  • “Oh my gods, it’s me as a chicken- sleep deprived.”
  • “Orthodontists defy the laws of the world”

They do.

  • “… I look like a freaking tulip”
  • “Did you know, 7% of American adults think that chocolate milk comes from brown cows?”

I am so surprised that I’ve never mentioned this quote.

  • “That extremely poetic for explaining how your sanity is fairing”
  • “I just got a perfect pear. Feelin’ blessed”

I’m also a but obsessed with Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

  • “I just texted her, “all hail the glow cloud, mighty floof of despair” so hope that’s not a wrong number”


  • “The pterodactyls have been dying for a while now. Infact, they might already be dead.”
  • “If you’re attacking my pigtails imma attack you.”
  • *replies in backward peace signs*

The Catey communication.

  • “Okay, I’m going to need 50 dollars from each of you, except Vi, since apparently she’s unsueable.”

Frends, please stop stealing my stuff.


School tests suck. 

“Okay, I have my sword. Let’s do this.”

“The quesadilla was calling to you.”


Aaaaand that’s it! (I feel like I say that every time)

Don’t forget to check out the other instalments, (Linked below), and comment your favorites! 

I love ya, stay cool, and stay safe.






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