2 Year Anniversary!

(It’s also my 70th post. What a coincidence!)

Hi there Razzberries!

Wow! Two years have gone by so fast! If you didn’t know, today is my 2 YEAR BLOGGING ANNIVERSARY!!!!!

I started blogging, two years ago, on blogger. I switched to WordPress right before my birthday, in June. Technically, there was a year-long phase where I didn’t update, but we don’t need to talk about that. I started seriously blogging in February, right before lockdown. I’m so happy I did, ‘cause I made so many friends. Thanks for coming along for the ride.

Wow, sappy much? Anyways, shall we go on to the assumptions? We shall!



  • You love most animals

Ehhhhh, not really. I do like fish, cats, and ducks.

  • You dislike the color brown

It’s an okay color.

  • You like ice cream better than milkshakes


Emily M

  • you like to read

I do!

  • you prefer writing than reading

It depends on what I’m writing, and what I’m reading. your dream – career is to be an author

Also, no. I actually want to be a therapist/phycologist/physiatrist. 


  • you are so fun to be with 

Sometimes. Not all the time. 

  • you are always cheerful 

Not really. 


  • You have a big group of friends

I have about ten-ish people I hang out with, so not huge

  • You like going to school

No. No, no, no. Online school sucks.

  • You have a blogging schedule (not a posting schedule, like a schedule for Blogging everyday….)

Wait, am I supposed to be blogging every day? I plan out what posts to do, but don’t write them until that day. Whoops.

  • You don’t talk a lot

I do talk. A lot. Too much. 

  • You don’t like lizards

Lizards are pretty cool.

  • You’re scared of spiders

Eh. Spiders are okay. I am scared of octopi, though.

Meghan’s Teen Life

  • You have a few close friends

That’s probably true.

  • you like to read


  • you only drink La Croix

Not really. I like Cranberry juice too. 

Cookie Girl

  • You’re in love with La Croix.


  • You’re in love with La Croix.


and – You’re in love with La Croix.


OH! And! 

  • You love to read and talk about it!

I don’t really talk about what I’m reading, but sometimes.

  • You’ve tried most or many even all of the La Croix flavors!

YES. I’ve had 13 of the 16 flavors.

  • You like photography.

Yeah. I don’t have much time nowadays, with school, writing, blogging, and life.

  • You have dark-colored hair.

Eh. I say it’s light brown. Everyone says it’s dark.

Elizabeth Anne

  • you like reading fantasy novels

Ooh. Yes.

  • you started this blog two years ago

I did! How did you figure it out?

  • you have blond hair (for some reason I’ve always imagined you as a blonde)

Nope. I have brown hair. 

  • you want to be a professional photographer

Eh. Psychology.


  • you are very tall

Eh. I think so. 

  • you love memes


  • you have blue eyes

Nope. My eyes are brown.


  • You’re a teen (like 13-14)

Sorry, can’t reveal my age. : )

  • Your favorite type of chocolate is dark chocolate.

Eh. Chocolate is chocolate.

  • You love the color pink.

I do!

Introverted Thoughts

  • You like listening to music for long periods of time.

Yes. I have my headphones on constantly.

  • Your favourite colour is pink


  • You love visiting new places.

Sometimes. I also like staying in my room all day.

  • You love dogs more than cats.

Nooooooo. Cats.

Addie (:

  • You like baking 

I doooo!

  • You like fashion and the color pink 

I guess?

  • You don’t play any musical instruments

Actually, I play both the cello and the ukulele!


Now, time for the blogger shoutouts!

  • I´m a new blogger over at Sophie ´n the Tea. Mostly I plan to do bookish posts, lifestyle, so on so forth. Kind of like your blog. I’m 14 and like writing, reading and Italian food. Here is the link to my blog: https://sophieandthetea.wordpress.com/ 
  • My blog is… Meghan’s Teen Life is a teen advice blog. Meghan shares her own experiences and opinions to help and connect with teens like her!! https://meghansteen.health.blog/    
  • My name is Ariela and I’m 12 yrs old from Canada. My blog is about my travels and about the fundraiser I’m doing right now. here’s the link https://arielaonthego.com/  
  • I’m lizziegrace, a teen Christian girl! I love Jesus. with all of my heart! I’m also a dancer (my gravatar pretty much sums me up XD). My blog is a mixture of life stuff, ideas, rambling, books, Jesus, dance, and a lot of other stuff. XD https://abovetheclouds273809085.wordpress.com/ 


That’s it! Thank you all for being here, and as always, stay safe, and I love ya berries ❤

Also, I would LOVE to get to 100 follows before December 11th OR 2021, which would be around my 6 month anniversary on WordPress! Only about 15 more Razzies…

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27 thoughts on “2 Year Anniversary!

  1. Happy 2 year blogiversary 💖🤩👏🎉🎉🎉
    I know right! A milkshake has everything.😂
    LiZaRdS aRe CoOl? I donut like lizards. They’re one of my biggest fears😂
    I hope you get to 100 followers soon!!

    Liked by 2 people


    This lockdown has given us a good opportunity to get back to blogging and that’s one thing that I’m definitely regretting about that year. !! 😀

    Happy blogging days! 💕

    Liked by 3 people

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