As you can see, I’m very excited for this post, ‘cause, it a  Weird Things I’ve Said/Done! 

If you don’t know, I have this series where I write down weird things I do, then share them with y’all for some serotonin. You’re welcome. : )

Off we go!


  • “Woooo, that was a rollercoaster and a half”

After the latest Sander Asides episode:

  • “Ah, the scent of fresh crime of a Sunday”

Really have no clue where this came from.

  • “Me? Listening to Welcome to Night Vale and embroidering at 10:30 P.M. on a Saturday? Noooooooo?”
  • ”Seriously, if I’m going to pull an all-nighter, I wanna pull a real one.”

Complaining about homework being due at 10 P.M.

  • Cherry starbursts are the best, not I will not be taking criticism.”
  • Have I ever mentioned how awesome safety pins are? I can make a blanket cape with them. And they look edgy. Safety pins are cool.”
  • “Ah yes, Pina I, Pina II, Pina III, and Pina the fifteenth.”

This was an answer to a comment from Katrina.

  • “I am legislative. I make law.”

The only thing I have learned in Social Studies.

  • “‘Your favorite song probably doesn’t make you sad’ haha. OF COURSE IT DOES IT’S ACT TWO OF FALSETTOS WHIZZER IS DEAD”
  • “Graham is a cat. I am an assumed dead former intern.”


I went as a WTNV intern for Halloween.

  • Developed a strange obsession with thigh-high socks.

They’re WARM, and they cover more leg.

  • “I am a simple person. I just wanna play Minecraft.”
  • “We’re all in this together

Even if,

We have to hack

Into zoom

And shut it all off”

Sing it to the tune of “We’re All In This Together”

  • Won a writing contest

Sounds normal, until you learn it was a contest about confessing true love to your best friends. My teacher says I’m very good at pining.


Wow, that was long! Make sure to comment your favorite, or any other thing I said that made you giggle. ❤ (Also comment what you went as for Halloween, or if you even celebrate it!)

Also, if any of you ever want to do something like this, link it so that I can read it! Just remember to give credit!

Here are the links to some of these other posts:





As always, I love ya, and stay safe. ❤

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I’m the most wanted bachelorette, whether that’s because of my looks, wealth, or criminal record.”

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