How to Have a Socially-Distanced Birthday Party/VLOG

(I guess this counts as part two to my “How to Have a Zoom Sleepover”… kinda?)

Hi there my Razzies!

Last week, my IRL friendo, Sunshine, had a birthday. 

Soooooooo, this is a half vlog/how to. 

Off we go!


1: the planning:

This entire thing took about 2 weeks to plan, all over zoom. We decided that we were going to throw her a socially-distanced surprise party, and it was going to be at Kat’s house. I was going to get music, chips, and also take photos. Kat organized a scavenger hunt, and made a cake, Fishy brought balloons, Vivi had carrots and stuff, and it was going to be 3-5 on Wednesday.

2: The Party:

So everyone except Sunshine arrived at 2:30 to set up; we got party hats, and blew up some balloons. Then, we hid in Kat’s garage until Sunshine got there. When she did, we opened to door and threw balloons at her, including the ones with confetti inside. They popped. To think about it, we popped a lot of balloons that day.

After talking a bit, we decided to do the scavenger hunt. I finished first and helped out the birthday girl. Eventually, all the clues led to the fridge, when Kat had hidden the cake. It was a carrot cake, and very good. We ate, and then Sunshine opened presents. I gave her some scrunchies and a bracelet, as well as a card that said “Happy Saint Patricks Day Birthday! Y’know, too many birthdays will kill you.”

After, we played around with the balloons, hitting them into the air. We lost a lot of them too. We also went and looked at Kat’s chickens. I named two, both are named Pina Colada.

3: The End:

After, it was time to go. : (. Kat said, “You guys better do something like this for my birthday”. It was a good day.


And that’s it! Comment about your birthdays/birthday parties, and stay safe!

Love ya,

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14 thoughts on “How to Have a Socially-Distanced Birthday Party/VLOG

  1. That’s a great idea!
    My birthday was a few weeks ago, and I had a zoom party!
    So what I did is basically we played Skribbl (Pictionary) and Heads Up and danced a little.
    Then we cut the cake and yeah.
    We talked too.
    Stay safe! ❤

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