Bucket List Part Two!

(I think I’m getting worse at Thumbnails)

Hi there Razzberries! It’s Catie.

So, who remembers that Bucket List I made at the beginning-ish of summer? If you don’t, go read it here

Anyways, I wanted to go over that and see what I achieved, and what I failed.

Off we go!


– Try a new flavor of La Croix

If you read this post, I said I had tried 6 new flavors. I had. And then, I tried 6 more. So, I’ve had 14/17 of the flavors. That’s a lot.

– Listen to some new music

I did! And not just musicals.

– Read a new book

I started reading, like five. 

– Swim!

Shore did. 

– Write a screenplay

Started. Failed.

– Learn something on the ukulele

I’m trying to learn either “Crush Culture” “The Things We Used To Share” or The Steven Universe theme.

– Build a fort

I haven’t. : (

– Build my La Croix army

I have 59 cans now.

– Work on my blog

I redecorated!


Not much Creative Writing, but a lot of blogging.

– Practice softball

Like, once.

– Photography

Sure did!

– Redecorate my room

No, but I did get some cool magnet boards.

– Remake my wardrobe 




-Bake a cake


-Build my empire

Not really : [


8/16. Not my best. : |

And that’s it! This was kinda short, ‘cause school’s been very busy, but I managed to post!

Also, next week, would you rather have a Creative Writing thing, or Part Two of my blogging series?

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I’m the most wanted bachelorette, whether that’s because of my looks, wealth, or criminal record.”

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