The First Day(s) of School!

Hi there Razzberries! 

So, School started last Tuesday. And since I’m super “original”, I wanted to do a Back To School Vlog/GRWM! A Get Ready W/ Me has been on the list of posts to do for so long so I decided to add it in here! 

So, off we go!


14 hours before/7 P.M., September 7

We’re starting a bit early. That night, the one right before school, I called up my friends and we talked. I also painted my nails with the stuff I mentioned in my last post! Go check it out!

12 hours before/9 P.M.

Bedtime! I journalled (also mentioned in my last post) and then lights out! 

10 hours before/11 P.M.

Of course, I couldn’t sleep that night. Just my luck. 

5 hours before/4 A.M.

I hate insomnia.

3 hours before/6 A.M.

Finally, I let myself grab my headphones and listen to Falsettos. Thank razzy.

2 hours before/7 A.M

I guess it’s time to get up????

So for the first day of school, I wore my black skirt (also mentioned in the last post! Gosh, I need to stop talking) and my black and white striped shirt. 

I also got a La Croix ‘cause why not? 


Time for my first class, Social Studies! I was okay, but my room was so cold, I ended up putting my light wash jean jacket on.


Second class, Science!


Final class of the day, English!

Okay, so this is random, But i’m sitting at my desk, which also has my La Croix cans, and they’ve almost fallen on me FOUR TIMES. It’s kinda distracting, especially during class.

And that was pretty much it for the day! After that, I had some homework, and I zoomed my friends, but not much.

9:00 the next day

So if you noticed, I had half of my classes yesterday, and now I have the second half! My first class is Creative Writing!


Next class is math! 


Orchestra, my favorite! If you didn’t know, I play the cello!

And that was it for day two! This day was much better!


And that’s it! How did you first day of school go? Comment!

Also, should I do some creative writing on here? 

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14 thoughts on “The First Day(s) of School!

  1. Brah, you only have 2 hrs of school!??!?! WHAAAAAA, online that’s a relief, in reality, I love the timings, but AAAARRGHGHHH ONLINE SCHOOL! I love Science, it’s so fun and awesome! Catie’s got an obsession with La Croix…orange juice do be gettin’ jealous. 😂😂🤣

    Liked by 2 people

  2. That’s cool Catie! In India, schools have still not opened😔😔😔. You have such interesting subjects! In real school, we have 9 classes a day and online school has 7 classes a day! Hardly any time difference 😂😭

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This was such a cool post idea I may steal it for my first day of uni!!! (Shhhh don’t tell anyone). Super cute but wow that is a really short day!! I would also love to see some creative writing here and best of luck with school!! 😊💖

    Liked by 2 people

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