August Stats

Hi there Razzberries!

What’s going on? It’s September, meaning school, Fall, and another month of blogging! 



Off we go!



829!!! The numbers just keep getting higher and higher!

Our high was 57, and the most viewed post was Evin’s Blog Tour!


That’s a hundred more than last month!


(Please talk to meeee)


WE HIT FIFTY! Also, we got 18 more Razzberries!! Post here!


-Fifty follows!


-50 posts!

That post here!


-Liebster Award

-The Mystery Blogger Award

Blogging Awards 8/13/20

(I got nominated for a lot, but those are the only ones I’ve done posts on!)

Anything Else?

-Did a bit of redecoration!

Old Goals

-50 Followers? Maybe? 

We did it!!

-Do another collab

Nope, but I have a few planned out!

-Swap buttons with 5 more people

I forgot to count. Oops. 

-Make more friends!

Did it!

-Take better photos!

I like them!

-Write better

Nothing really changed…

-Write about topics I like

I guess so!

New Goals

– 60-70 Razzberries? We’re at 55 already!

– COLLABS (Contact me if you want to do one!)

– Swap buttons! (Contact meeee!)


That’s it! 

July’s Stats post: July Stats

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I’m the most wanted bachelorette, whether that’s because of my looks, wealth, or criminal record.”

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