Rating La Croix Flavors!

Hi there Razzberries~

First, this is my fiftieth post! And, I HIT 50 FOLLOWS!!! I’LL HAVE THAT SPECIAL POST UP (EVENTUALLY.)

Sooooo, Summer’s almost over. And if you remember reading my Summer Bucket List post, I mentioned that one of my goals was to try more flavors of La Croix, the best sparkling water EVER

So, I did. I tried a new flavor of La Croix. 6 new flavors actually. So, this is me rating them all on flavor, can design, and extras. Plus, commentary!

Off we go!


(So I haven’t tried all of the flavors, but I have tried 8/17, which is pretty good.)

8. Lemon

I’d drink it if there were no other options, but It’s not my favorite.

Flavor: +2/5: (sour.)

Design: +4/5: It’s so shiny and yellow

Extra: -2: Somehow, I still have four of these cans.

Total: 4/10

7. Passionfruit

I get this one and Pamplemousse mixed up.

Flavor: 3/5: Also Meh.

Design: 2/5: Eh, it’s okay.

Extra: Nothing, really.

Total: 5/10

6. Pamplemousse

My french lessons are paying off.

Flavor: 3/5: Meh.

Design: 2/5: Kinda plain

Extra: +1: It’s french.

Total: 6/10

5. Mango

It’s pretty good, but not as good as the next few.

Flavor: 3/5: It’s okay. It’s fizzy.

Design: 3/5: Also plain.

Extra: -1: It doesn’t taste like mangos.

Total: 5/10

4. Lime

The  better twin of lemon.

Flavor: 4/5: This is the good kind of sour.

Design: 4/5: Prettyyyyy 

Extra: +1:It’s better than lemon. Have I already said that?

Total: 9/10

3. Coconut

I love coconut. Dried coconut, coconut La Croix, coconut, lipgloss, you name it.

Flavor: 4/5: It’s kind sweet, but mellow.

Design: 4/5: It’s kinda gold, but kinda caramel. I can’t have caramel. : (

Extra: +1: Fizzzzzzzzzzz~

Total: 9/10

2. Razz-Cranberry


Flavor: 5/5: Razzy. Perfect.

Design: 5/5: It’s pink. Do I have to say more?

Extra: +1: I have one right now.

Total: 11/10

1. Hi-Biscus

The first, the one and only, and still the best. 


Design: It’s also pink, BUT IT HAS FLOWERS

Extra: +1: It was the first one I tried after the bucket list.

Total: 11/10

Ones I Still Want to Try:

⚘ Pastéque/Watermelon

I like watermelon

⚘ Limoncello

Maybe it’ll be better than lemon.

⚘ Berry

The color is pretty.


And that’s it! Comment your favorite flavor of La Croix, or just sparkling water in general! Hopefully it’s not Lemon (Just kidding.)

Also, most of you are probably wondering “Catie, why do you have so many La Croix cans?” Well, it’s because I’ve been using them to keep track of my followers! Comment and ask which one you are!

(Also, I realized how much I like the words “Razz” and “Fizz”)

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13 thoughts on “Rating La Croix Flavors!

  1. Wow, you must really like them since you made a whole post about them! Maybe I’ll try it one day! xx Yessss, DA COCONUT IS A GIANT NUT BUT IF YOU EAT TOO MUCH YOU’LL GET VERY FAT. — So anyway, Coconuts and coconut and em coconuts are SO GUT!

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Whoop-whoop!!
    💞✨👏👏👏😀😀😀🎊🎊🎊🎊 Congrats on. 50 FOLLOWERS and POSTS!!!!
    I’VE never tried La Croix before, what can am I? And how do you use these cans to keep track of your followers 😂?


  3. Congrats on 50 follows! I may or may not be the fiftieth, LOL. I lieterally followed you two days ago. You should totally try the watermelon. I haven’t had much La Croix but I have had the watermelon and it’s reeaallyy goood.

    Liked by 1 person

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