Weird Things I’ve Said/Done

Wow, It’s been a while since I did one of these.

Hi Razzberries!

It’s Catie.

You guys seem to like these posts, so here’s another.

Sit back, relax, and get some popcorn, ‘cause these are some of the most entertaining ones. (I wish I could have popcorn) 

-Made a crown

Here it is:

EDIT: I got stuck in the crown. It was traumatizing. 

CLARIFICATION: The crown got stuck around my neck.

-Made ice cream out of pudding

-”I. AM. TAll.”

I am usually pretty tall, but I had heels on that day, making me taller

-”What Panic! At The Disco song do you think I should play at my wedding?”

The things I think about before bed.

-”She says she’s an ex spy for an evil organization.”

“Aren’t we all?”

I love writing dialogue.

-”All’s fair in love and war. THIS IS TRAIN BUILDING.”

We were playing board games. I won. 4 times.

-”If someone sings Schyler Sisters one more time, I’m going to go Schyler Defeated on you.”

Bad Hamilton references W/ Catie.

-Wrote an essay

Before you say, “That sounds pretty normal”, lemme tell you that 1, it wasn’t for school, and 2, the essay was about a fictional character. I won’t share the whole thing, because it’s 600 words, double spaced, and MLA formatted. Oh, and I don’t want to embarrass myself more. But, I can include some lines, like the following:

-”Maybe I’m biased. He is my 4th or so favorite character.”

-(No pun intended)

This is a part of the title, which was in fact, a pun.

UPDATE: I have now written 4 essays. I can’t stop.

-Singing “Honey, Honey”, while playing “Hey There Delilah” on my ukulele. 


-”I’m the most wanted bachelorette, whether that’s because of my looks, wealth, or criminal record.”

I don’t know why I said this, but now it’s in my profile, and it’s my new motto.

And that’s it! 

A few thingies:

-Collabs and stuff are open!

-If you want to join a blogging groupchat, contact mee!

-What’s your favorite quote of mine? Please tell me, I wanna know : )

Okay, that’s it!

Stay safe : )

Published by Catey

I’m the most wanted bachelorette, whether that’s because of my looks, wealth, or criminal record.”

19 thoughts on “Weird Things I’ve Said/Done

  1. This is hilarious! This was suck a quirky post( in the best possible way 😂👍) and like nothing I’ve seen before!! Yaya, I love things that reflect who you are as a person 😉

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