Malionne: A Review

Hi my dudes! It’s the one and only, Catie. 

If you’ve been here since my 2020 WISHLIST/GIFT GUIDE, you would know that I wanted scrunchies for my birthday. Well, now, I have them (18 days late). So, I wanted to do a nice classic post, a review.

Let’s go!

Brand:  MalionneHair, On Etsy (Check out their social medias as well)

What I bought: A red satin scrunchie, a cream satin scrunchie, and a black satin scrunchie.

My review: I LOVE these. They’re super cute, the color is vibrant, and are great quality. The packaging was so cute, and the extra hair ties they included were nice.

My rating: ★★★★★, definitely would recommend.

And that’s it! I know it’s short, but I had tons of fun playing around with filters for the photos.

See ya,


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