Explore My Jewelry Collection

{Sorry this is such a late post. My camera ran out of batteries in the middle of shooting.}

[aghh I have no ideasssss]

Hi my dudes! If you’re reading this, I have come up with an idea. 

[Let’s actually start the post now]

Hi my dudes! It’s Cate.

If you’ve read my What I Got For My Birthday post, and some of my favorites posts, you might know about my jewelry collection.

I was never really a jewelry person. Even when I got my ears pierced, I didn’t really care. Only last year did I start matching earrings to outfits to necklaces to bracelets and such.

Now, I have a pretty big collection. Some pieces I wear more than others, and some I only wear on certain occasions.

So here it is!

I don’t really like gold, so most of the metal based items are silver.

First of all, where do I put my jewelry? I have two places, other than on me. This cute jewelry box, and this dish. The dish holds all of my commonly worn items, while the box holds my special items. 

Onto the jewels!

The jewelry is ordered in most worn to not, not favorite to least. Sections are in bold, name in italics, and my spiel in regular.


Silver Hoops

Most worn thing of all. Adds a really nice touch to anything.

Star Curl

I lost the other one, but It’s fine by itself or with another.


This one gives me Six vibes.


Pretty basic

Rubies [I think?]

These do belong to a sibling, but I wear them more.


Made by a sibling!




It’s so random, and so fun.


Silver Stars

I wear this so much, and it was so cheap.


From a family member.


Friendship Bracelet

The beading is just so pretty.

Clear Bead

Featured here many, many times, you’ve probably heard me gush about it.

Gargoyle Bead (I guess?)

If someone can tell me where these are from, I will be very happy.

Pink Rope Thingy

Can you tell I have issues coming up with a name? 

I got it on a trip.

Pura Vida

I’ve never worn this, but it’s just so me.


Pura Vida Ring

Also previously gushed about.

Angel Pin

I bought this on a whim at a school function, and it’s so random, but endearing.

Eye Roll Pin

Very me.

Finally, some ideas for how I put them together.

And that’s it! If you want to do a post like this, please do! Link it in the comments. I would love to read it!

Maybe turn this into a series? A “Explore My Accessory Collection” next?

That’s all! Have a nice day!

See ya!


[I really love how this post came together]

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