June Favorites (Favorite Things Part 3)

[I don’t even know what month it is]

HEY MY DUDES! Happy July! I know this is a little late, but here’s the monthly favorites post for June! 

This time, I organized it in different categories, so we’ll see how this goes.

Clothing item of the month:

Gray (grey) and white striped turtleneck

(Oof. There’s a stain on it : / )

I have no idea where I got this, [EC: Apparently, It’s from Lands End] but it’s a new favorite. It’s also very rare for me to like something that isn’t black and/or red.

Jewelry item of the month:

Clear bead bracelet

This birthday gift, from my mom, takes the cake. I want cake.

Accessory of the month:

Fishnet gloves

It’s a bit strange, but looks really cute under a jean jacket or flannel. I look like a vigilante.

Favorite song:

House of Memories, Panic! At The Disco

My emo phase is coming back.

Favorite album:


Food(s) of the month:

La Croix

I couldn’t find a hibiscus one.

Coconut (Is that spelt right???)

I had a chocolate donut with coconut; it was amazing. And dried coconut is great.

Gadget of the month:


My camera takes lovely photos and videos.

Random thing of the month:


It’s name is Whizzer.

And that’s it! I like how this one turned out, compared to part 1 and 2. Don’t go look for those. They suck.

See Ya!


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I’m the most wanted bachelorette, whether that’s because of my looks, wealth, or criminal record.”

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