A whole lotta life updates (and TWO special announcements at the end!) :

I have ten followers!! That means there are TEN people who maybe care about what I write

My. Birthday. Is. In. THREE DAYS

I just realized how much pink I have in my life. I have about six pieces of clothes that are pink, a pink jar, and two of my pillows and my blanket is pink.

I know about 10-12 chords on the ukulele now. Pretty cool, huh?

I’m making a cake this afternoon. Wish me luck.

I also have been making jewelry with shells. It’s the only art I can do.

What’s up? It’s Cate. Obviously. 

Anyways, with no school and social distancing, I have had plenty of time to gain new hobbies (jewelry and ukulele) and time to play around with accessories. These are my favorites.

(I’m sorry this is so similar to my favorites post)

Hoop earrings:

I love my hoop earrings. They’re just so basic and easy to flair up an outfit. Mine are silver, which I think goes well with my mostly black, white, and red wardrobe.

Red Velvet Scrunchie (not cake):

I’ve had this for a year, and it’s the most worn thing I have. As I said, my closet is full of clothes that are all pretty similar, which means I can wear this with practically anything.

White Beaded Bracelet

This is actually my friendship bracelet. A friend (Katrina) got it and a bunch of others on a trip back in February-ish, and I’ve worn it since. 

And that’s all! Comment your favorite and another accessory I should look at.


I will be opening a contact page! You can send me personal comments, post ideas (yes please), blackmail (most likely), questions and advice (I’ll talk about that in a second) and questions for my BIRTHDAY Q&A!!! It will be under my about section, on the page “About AND CONTACT Mee”

Now, the advice: I will be doing a monthly collection of questions about life, blogging, and other stuff sent by you and answered by me. So, if you have a problem, I (might) be able to help (hopefully. no promises.)

And finally, the last announcement, and the most exciting!!!

If you’re reading this a bit later (or if you saw the graphic) , you might notice my blog’s name has changed from “Cate E. Blogs” to “Catie Blogs” no, I have not been hacked. I changed it because I liked the name “Catie” for my online persona instead of “Cate” and, so this, me changing platforms, could be a fresh start from the old “Cate E. Blogs” on blogger. The URL will stay the same, because I can’t change it, but my blog will be “Catie Blogs”. I (me) still will be going by the name Cate, but that also might change.


(Expect a special post Sunday and Monday, my birthday and the day after)

-Cate (Well, Catie)

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I’m the most wanted bachelorette, whether that’s because of my looks, wealth, or criminal record.”


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