Weird Things I Have Said/Done (Quarantine Edition) *Part Two*

Wow, already making another? That’s a record.

Hello human beings of the planet earth! What’s up? It’s Cate, the one and only person who would make a blog post about the weird things I do in quarantine. Here we go (again).

If you’re new here, I’ll explain.

For about three weeks now, I’ve been writing down EVERY SINGLE (well, not really) weird thing I have done, and put it together in a list.

This was an idea of one of my friend’s (Cloudy, if you wanted to know) and it was so popular that I made another. (and I say a lot of weird things, so I had to put them somewhere)

So, let’s get started.

-Showing my friends how to make a PB & J sandwich.

This is a long story, but basically, we got bored over one of our daily zoom meets and I had to make lunch, so, I explained how to make it, as weird as possible. Here’s a line I remember.

“First, you wander around the kitchen for eighteen minutes, looking for the ingredients, which are actually all in the same spot.”

-“Ah, the sweet normalacacy of my bed!”

Funny, that was the night I slept 3 hours and (sorta) pulled an all-nighter.

-“Oh my hurricane Gloria, if you could stop being a prima donna.”

I was writing. No, you will not get context.

-Found a Ladybug.

This isn’t that weird, except for that it sat on my leg for ten minute while I was on a bike ride, and I named it Marinette.

– *crying* “How are you not crying?”

I was listening to “Letter From the Refugee” with family and apparently, It’s not normal to cry over fictional 1899 newsboy strikers.


-*Carrot to nose* “Hi, I’m Olaf.”

-“Whatever floats your boat.”

One of my most common sayings, along with *Theatrical Gasp*, “Oof” and “Thank you for coming to my tedtalk.” (please don’t come after me with copyright claims. It’s a quote)

-*Pointing at the word locate* “I like this word.”

Along with caterpillar, delicate, and sophisticated.

-“Silver and gold, silver and gold, it’s fun to sing Christmas song is July (June)!”

-“That’s not very socially distanced of you.”

Part three? Duh.

Read Part One here: Weird Things I Have Said/Done (Quarantine Edition)

See ya!


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