What’s up. It’s Cate. As you know, I have been in quarantine for, what, two-ish months? three-ish? However long I’ve been stuck inside for, it’s been long enough that I have learned something: when you’re in isolation, you get bored. quickly. And because I don’t want others to suffer that fate, I’ve compiled a list of things to do when bored. 
Yes, I know, this is (very) similar to my Top Ten Things to Do in Isolation. But, I’ve added on and added commentary!

-Write: This one is more aimed at me. Cate, if you are reading this, you should be writing.

-Read: Books are awesome.

-Listen to Music: It’s a great way to pass the time. 

-Journal: Journal about life. Journal about quarantine. Journal about your cat. Journal about journaling about your journal in you journal.

-Do Your Hair: Pinterest some styles and just hang out. 

-Do your Nails: You know who sucks at painting nails? I do!

-Plan: Set out a schedule for tomorrow. Or the next week. It’s quarantine people- you have all day to plan. and probably the next month.

-Bake/Cook: Try out a new recipe. Or just eat from your stash of oreos. The choice is yours.

-Exercise: Bike. Walk. Run. Jog. Hit a ball. Kick a ball. Or keep sitting on your bed. Whatever you what.

-Play an Instrument: Practice makes perfect. 

-Clean your room: While your at it, reorganize your furniture. 

-Try on everything in your closet: Pretty self explanatory. 

-Organize: Your books or your jewelry. Pens or sunglasses. Anything and Everything.

-Make friendship bracelets: 13 down, 87 to go.

-Talk to Friends: Zoom, Facetime, Google Duo. The possibilities are (sorta) endless.

-Social Media: It has the word “social” in it. And, you don’t have to leave your room!

-Binge T.V.: As I have said, The Flash on the 20th and Supergirl on the 25th!

-Sleep: Why not?

Happy Social distancing!

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I’m the most wanted bachelorette, whether that’s because of my looks, wealth, or criminal record.”

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