Weird Things I Have Said/Done (Quarantine Edition)

First, I want to say that today is ONE MONTH FROM MY BIRTHDAY.
Hello There. If you live on Earth (or around it) you probably know what coronavirus is. And, that means you’re probably in Quarantine. I am. And let me tell you, Quarantine is as bad as it sounds. It’s also necessary to stop the virus. PLEASE try to stay at your houses and away from store and large gatherings. Stay six feet away from other people. wear masks in public.

So I’ve been at home for two months, one week, and two days. (I did the math) and I may have gone a bit stir-crazy. Here’s a list of most (some) of the WEIRD things I’ve done.

This was an idea of my friends, cause i’m running out. (even though I have a notebook of ideas)

-Made friends with a rockIts name is Presley.

– Hissed, for no reasonI don’t even know why I did this.

– “How ya going to explain that to the real estate agent huh?”I said this after dropping something, and it’s the best improv ever.

-“boo.””boooo.””BOOOOOO”yelling at fictional characters.
-“oooh a teabag!”

– “It’s a stick.”…”His name is Fred.”I carried a stick (more like a branch) home. My family was thrilled.

-“I could get a yacht, sail off and never see human civilization again.””You already do that.”Conversation at dinner.

– *waving a stick like a wand* “Bipity, boppity, BOOO!”Not the same stick as Fred.
And that’s it folks! Part two, maybe?


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