Tips For Online School

Guess What? Hamilton is coming to Disney+ on July 3rd!!! Also, Season 6 of the Flash is coming to Netflix on May 20th, and Season 5 of Supergirl on the 25th!!! 

Online School. I, personally, freaked out when I heard those five words (six?) weeks ago. In those weeks, I have done many things (Including update more) and one of my primary hobbies while in quarantine is homework. Here three tips I have learned. 

#1: Don’t skip your meetings. This just seems like a bad idea in general. Your teachers probably won’t like it. And, if you didn’t know, teachers give you your grades, which goes to your GPA. If you don’t have a great GPA, you have trouble getting into college, you don’t get a full education. Moral is, don’t skip your meetings, just like don’t skip your classes.

#2: You can’t do everything at the last minute Procrastination, bad. Assertivation, good. as simple as that. plus, you shouldn’t be doing work minutes before it’s due when you have all day. And all month. And the rest of the summer.

#3: Differ your schedule  Stand up every hour. Drink water. exercise. eat good food. don’t lay around in bed all day (I wish I could).

That’s all. Have a nice social-distanced day!

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