Ranking All The Musicals I’ve Listened To

This is going to be a long list.

#1 Name: Falsettos,Favorite Song: “Days Like This”

#2 Name: Amelie, Favorite Song: “Tour De France” (I’m listening to it now)

#3 Name: The Prom, Favorite Song: “You Happened”

#4 Name: Six, Favorite Song: “Don’t Lose UR Head”

#5 Name: Book Of Mormon, Favorite Song: “Making Things Up Again”

#6 Name: Newsies, Favorite Song: “I Never Planned on You/Don’t Come A-Knocking”

#7 Name: Waitress, Favorite Song: “It Only Takes a Taste”

#8 Name: Hamilton, Favorite Song: “Best of Wives and Women”

#9 Name: The Lightning Thief (The Percy Jackson Musical), Favorite Song: “We’re in the Same Boat” (Not actually in the show but it’s cute)

#10 Name: Beetlejuice, Favorite Song: “Jump in the Line”

#11 Name: Be More Chill, Favorite Song: “More Than Survive, Reprise”

#12 Name: Dear Evan Hansen, Favorite Song: “Sincerely, Me”

#13 Name: In the Heights, Favorite Song: “Breathe”

#14 Name: Legally Blonde, Favorite Song: “So Much Better”

#15 Name: Mean Girls, Favorite Song: “Stupid With Love, Reprise”

#16 Name: Les Misérables, Favorite Song: “I Dreamed a Dream”

#17 Name: High School Musical (All three), Favorite Song: “I Don’t Dance” (HIT IT OUT OF THE PARK)

#18 Name: The Greatest Showman, Favorite Song: “Never Enough”

#19 Name: Wicked, Favorite Song: “Popular”

#20 Name: Heathers, Favorite Song: “Candy Store”


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11 thoughts on “Ranking All The Musicals I’ve Listened To

  1. Well, I will have a long list two. Live in the US relying on Blumenthal for tours (mostly- some shows been outside of Blumenthal).

    Now here are some of them:

    1. Les Mis- still can’t pick my favorite

    2. Wicked- Popular

    3. Newsies- Seize the Day

    4. Aladdin- Whole New World

    5. Lion King- Can You Feel the Love Tonight

    6. Rent- Seasons of Love

    7. Music Man- 76 Trombones

    8. Frozen- either For the First Time in Forever or Let it Go (seeing the stage show got postponed)

    9. Fiddler on the Roof- haven’t thought about it

    10. Phantom of the Opera- either Music of the Night or All I Ask of You

    11. South Pacific- Some Enchanted Evening

    12. Oklahoma- haven’t thought of that

    13. Pippin- Corner of the Sky

    for now, will only bring up these- I love others; just not putting them down right now

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  2. Sorry my comment cut off before I finished hehhe…
    Candy Store and Seventeen are my favorite songs from Heathers and I also really like the Carrie the musical the song Unsuspecting Hearts!


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