Mug Cakes

How long has it been? Like a month? Anyways, my school district (and all the others in Washington) have been closed down for six weeks, so either you’ll get a lot of posts or none. Yay Coronavirus. 
I really hate the name “Coronavirus” because there are EIGHTEEN other virus by the same name. It’s really stupid and they need to come up with better name. 
ALSO (I say that a lot) ONLINE SCHOOL???  
But this isn’t my Coronavirus complaint post. Today, I’m rating recipe from online. The recipe is from Allrecipes by Safinabakes1231. I didn’t use chocolate chips, but think it was just as good without.
Link to the recipe and video:
It came out pretty good. 

I think that’s all I have to say today. I will make a collection post of all the stuff I haven’t posted in the last few weeks. (There will be a Coronavirus complaint post. You can’t stop me.)
Wash your hands,

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