How to Have a Zoom Sleepover

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Hello there fellow Quarantine Peeps! Even though I see them on Zoom every day, I still miss my friends. So, here’s a list of things to do to have the best Zoom sleepover/just meeting!
I made the reviews like a script, because it was a conversation over the phone, not a text string. Cate stands for me, and Sunshine, Cali, and Cloudy are my friends. After my question, I have put definitions about what we are talking about, as well as links and such.

Cate: How do you feel about is a pictionary based game, that you can play online with friends or strangers. You can choose the word you’ll be drawing, or randomize it, along with your character. I, personally, like it, especially because it’s so easy.

Sunshine: It’s very fun because you get to interact with friends and be creative with your drawings.

Cali: It’s a cool game. It’s fun, because *long pause* *others laugh* you get to draw with your friends! And custom words are cool.

Cloudy: I enjoy it a lot and think it’s cool. You get to test your skill set because it’s like charades on a computer.

Cate: Quizzes?

We’re talking about online quizzes. I like them, especially the test ones.

Sunshine: I enjoy the quizzes because you get to see what you have in common with friends and characters. You also get to realize your interests or… I don’t know?

-Small break brought to you by Cali showing us something-

Cali: The quizzes are a good thing to get to know people.

Cloudy: I think the quizzes are fun because you can test yourself. 

Cate: Wiki Races?

Wiki Races Is an app/website that allows you to venture through wikipedia to find a certain page, using only links in the page you are on. I like, it, but that’s because I’m good at it.

 -Another break, cause Sunshine has guinea pigs-

Sunshine: I enjoy Wiki Races because it is fun to test your knowledge on how much you know in different categories and it is fun to find different (what they are called) paths and shortcuts to find different words through other words. *Random yay* 

Cali: Wiki races suck! *nervous laughter* You almost always go to World War Two, and you get distracted.

Sunshine: Yeah, they can get boring.

Cloudy: I really, really, really, really dislike Wiki races because they are confusing. if you’re on a phone, you have to get the app. *CATE INTEROJECTION: it’s better on a computer* get the app and it won’t let you do it on a browser. 

Cate: Netflix Party?

Netflix Party is a browser extension that lets you watch a movie or show at the same time as friends, and chat about it. I like it mostly, but it really sucks when your internet is bad.

Sunshine: I really like Netflix party because you can watch the same exact movie with your friends even if you’re in different places and you can also try it up the movie in the chat section which I thought was really fun and so that you can all laugh about the same part of the movie at the same time even if you’re not at the same place 

Cali: I haven’t played it but I think it’s cool that you can watch your movies and shows with your friends while not being extra.

Cloudy: I have never heard of Netflix party but I think it sounds very cool because I think you can like chat about the movie and I think it would be cool to be able to watch a movie with friends without being in the same places.

-Another pause, changing locations-

Cate: Hangman?

At the beginning of quarantine, we would play Hangman on the whiteboard setting of Zoom. I enjoyed it, and it was pretty basic.

Sunshine: Hangman in my opinion is very fun because even if you only have up to two people you can still have a lot of fun with this game so I guess then what the other person is what the word is that the other person is thinking of the pressure is kind of fun because you don’t want to get a full body on the hanging thing *CATE INTERJECTION: I don’t know what she was trying to say. Sorry*

Cate: you don’t want to kill anyone.

Sunshine: Yeah. It’s fun. 

Cali: Hangman is fun because it has the right amount of pressure and fun and you get to do it with your friends. Is it also a great way to expand your vocabulary or just guess the word? 

Cloudy: It’s cool to play with your friends on the game and there are lots of different ways you can do it and it’s cool to expand your vocabulary in a fun way.


C.C.: It’s fun, but not if you play it for a really long time.

Katrina: I like it.

Wilbur: It’s fun with friends.

Kookie: I think it’s very fun.


C.C.:I have never done it before I don’t think.

Katrina: I like them.

Wilbur: depends.

Kookie: It depends on the quiz, but usually I like them.

Wiki Races:

C.C.: They are fun.

Katrina: Fun, but getting to the most ridiculous page possible is more fun.

Wilbur: Don’t know what that is.

Kookie didn’t answer.

Netflix Party:

C.C.: I think it is awesome!

Katrina: YAS. Partly because it’s movies.

Wilbur: Don’t know what that is.

Kookie: That would be awesome.


C.C.: Meh most of the time, but sometimes it is fun.

Katrina: Fun.

Wilbur: Boring, sometimes.

Kookie: I like hangman.

And that’s it! Have a nice day, and stay safe. : )


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