Favorite Things *PART TWO*

(Look at that graphic. So marvelous)
Hiya my fellow quarantined peeps! Happy first day of JUNE!!! Yes, It is June, which means it’s time for my FIRST monthly favorite products post! I did one of these a long time ago, and since I can, here’s the June/part two!

Fitbit: I LOVE my Fitbit. It’s a really cool thing to have if you are trying for a certain amount of steps per day or hours of sleep. Their website’s Here.

Power Locus Wire/Wireless Headphones :
I just got these, maybe, mid May? Anyways, They’re awesome. And, they’re on amazon!

Stabilo Pens: I have these and use them for EVERYTHING. My journaling, my writing, designing, EVERYTHING.

 So sorry this is so short; I had no ideas what so ever.

Here’s the Favorite Products PART ONE: Favorite Things


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