Day In My Quarantined Life

Hello. I have seen so many “My Life In Quarantine” and “A Day In My Life *Quarantine Edition*” videos and such on the internet. So, I’m making one. On with it!

7:30: I am awake. I am TIRED.

8:40: Breakfast Time! For breakfast, I had a  Chocolate waffle and a blueberry-strawberry-banana smoothie.

9:20: Shower and getting ready.

9:30: Get dressed! I’m wearing a black and white plaid, under my black broadway tee and a pair of black jeans. 

Note: I’m not usually this slow, but today is a lazy day.

9:35: Homework.

10:10: Google Meet.

10:50: Back to homework.

12:30: Lunch! Pasta!

1:00: Zoom w/ friends.

2:00: Homework.

3:30: finally, 4 HOURS AND 55 MINUTES later, I am done. Time for cello practice.

4:00: Journaling and blogging. Pretty standard.

5:00: Usually, I would go on a bike ride or walk at this time, but since it’s raining, I’m just going to keep hanging in my room. Yay.

5:50: Dinner Time! Grilled cheese and potato chips FROM A RESTAURANT. Takeout, of course.

6:30: Reading.

8:00: Flash time! (This was the night of the premiere)

9:00: Bedtime. *Yawn* Goodnight!


Published by Catey

I’m the most wanted bachelorette, whether that’s because of my looks, wealth, or criminal record.”

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