April 18/Global Citizen Concert

I’m finally updating!!!
Earlier, I got a Fitbit Inspire. Then, armed with pretzels and pigs’n blankets, my family and I watched the Global Citizen Concert. 
Note: I am typing this live.
As I have probably said (and shown) thousands of times before (three times) I am more of a musical fan than a pop/rock/others fan. Most likely, I won’t recognize half of these artists. From the line up I found, (This link: https://www.androidcentral.com/how-watch-one-world-together-home-concert-free-anywhere-online) the main artists I recognized were Taylor Swift (obviously) and John Legend (The Voice)
For those of you who don’t know what the Global Citizen Concert is, lemme tell you. the Official name is The One World: Together at Home concert, a stay at home concert with over 70 total artists performing from home. The event is hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert, with singers Billie Eilish, Lizzo, Camila Cabello, Cecile Dione, Ellen Degeneres, Lady Gaga, Megan Rapinoe, Taylor Swift, and more.
So this is my first person account. (that sounded too formal)
Jess Glynne: Wow, I have never heard of her, but that was great.
I was looking at the lineup, I saw Leslie Odom Jr. AARON BURR, SIR.
Liam Payne and Rita Ora: Wow. The vocals. 
Christine and the Queens: Really flowy and echoey.
*Short break as I run around my kitchen to get more steps.
Picture This: I have no idea who Winona Ryder is, but that was nice.
I Didn’t Catch This Guy’s Name:  Nice. Real nice.
*Another break where I learn that I cannot do sit ups*
Charlie Puth: I’ve heard this before. Still, good.
Oh look, it’s the kid who made the Coronavirus Dashboard. Cool.
AARON BURR, SIR (and someone else)(and a kid)
Okay, who wants to bet on the song Taylor Swift’s going to perform. I’m going with A: You Need To Calm Down, B: Me! or C: Lover
Ellie Goulding: Her voice is higher than I expected. Good.
Sheryl Crow: Nice. really high. And trilly.
Hozier: Definitely heard this before.
Angèle: Wow. That’s awesome. 
Sebastián Yatra: Wow. That’s awesome. (I’m at a lost for words because of the last two)
*Pause while I copy and paste the last two names because I can’t do accent marks*
SuperM: Slightly confused. ookay.  I was able to run around the block before the next performance.
Make that two laps.
Jessie J: Nice. Wow-wow.
Confused? hand-washing wrestlers?
Lady Antebellum: They’re good. Really good.
Annie and Lola Lennox: I like this one.
Neil Horan: Heard this before. 
John Legend: I had a very hard time spelling his last name. that was cute (the performance).
Jenifer Hudson: Wow. I might cry. PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER CATE
Lady Gaga: Very theatrical. I love it.
Stevie Wonder: Woah.
paul McCartney: Is it two C’s? 
Casey Muskgravves: So awesome. I’m starting to think “awesome” is the only word in my vocabulary.
Elton John: He just “happens” to have a piano in his backyard.
Roots: Wow guys. Wow.
Maluma: Kinda sounded like Despacito. See the Luis fonsi entry.
Camelia Cabello and Shawn Mendes: Very soft and flowy.
Oh look, it’s Beyoncé.

Eddie Vedder: His piano sounds like a organ.
Lizzo: Wow. She can sing.
The Rolling Stones: I keep thinking about that part in Six where Jane calls her band “The Royaling Stones.  
*Short break for the first ladies*
Keith Urban: i have no idea who this is. 
Jenifer Lopez (J. Lo?) She has quite a voice.
John Legend and Sam Smith: How many awards do you have John?
I think this has turned from a music critique to just critique.
Billy Joe Armstrong: Our T.V. shut off during the middle.

Bille Eilish: She can really sing- have I said this before?
More Puppets?
Celine Dione, Lady Gaga, Andrea Bocelli, John Legend: Wow. They are some amazing. 
Well yeah, that’s it. This is probably the longest post i’ve written.
-Cate (who can’t sing)

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