What did the Thesaurus have for dessert? A synonym bun.

So I have had no (zero) ideas today, With at home isolation and social distancing, I have had a lot of extra time, much of that spent baking. Here are my favorite recipes.

#1 Cinnamon Rolls: I made these for my mom, and they were good, even though I didn’t eat them.

#2 Black Bottom Cupcakes: Technically, my sister made these, but they were too good not to include.

#3Blondies: also made by my sister. They were good.

#4 Chocolate Waffles: I didn’t use a special recipe, I just made normal waffles, then added cocoa powder and chocolate chips. Really good.

#5 Three Ingredient Banana Chocolate Cookies: I did a post on this a while ago, and they turned out great. But beware- they mold really easily.https://listotic.com/3-ingredient-healthy-chocolate-cookies/

That’s it fellas! Have a nice day. Also, announcement! There will be no Thursday update, unless I get bored. Instead, there will be a Wednesday update, for the premiere of the sixth season of The Flash.

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I’m the most wanted bachelorette, whether that’s because of my looks, wealth, or criminal record.”

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